Customer Testimonials

Agricultural Data Centre

(Latvian Agricultural Ministry)

Agricultural Data Centre (Lauksaimniecības datu centrs), a governmental institution of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia, which maintains a uniform database on agricultural and pet-related information, chose CashManager to deal with their enormous data volume.

“The process is quick and precise. The user’s manual is very easy to understand. If we have any kind of questions, the support team is very responsive and helpful,” says Judite Zile, Head of the Financial Department at LDC.

Read the whole story here and a Latvian version here.

Baltic XL

A leading Baltic alcoholic beverage wholesale business, ultimately decided on CashManager over the built-in statement processing methods in their Horizon ERP system.

Although in Baltic XL CashManager is used only for bank statement reconciliation, the time and resources saved with CashManager became evident after just a few weeks of usage.

The chairman of the board Kriss Tuns comments: “We were pleasantly surprised that CashManager could be implemented so quickly. We also enjoy working with the support team that solves all issues, however rare they are, quickly and efficiently.”

Primum SIA

One of Latvia’s largest accounting outsource companies, reached out to the CashManager team on their own, after learning about the positive experience from other CashManager users.

This decision proved to be a successful one. As of 2016, Primum have already been using CashManager for more than 3 years, and their business has shown a remarkable growth.

“We now cannot imagine how we can work without CashManager”, says Raivo Pede, Primum Chairman of the board and general manager.