We offer various strategies to work with your business

Our team is committed to providing your company with a fully customized solution to help you achieve the best with your ERP system.

For small businesses

Your company might be small and lacking an in-house ERP system, but CashManager still can be a helpful solution for you.

For medium and large businesses

Easy and lightweight, CashManager has been developed to accelerate your company's cash management processes.

For global corporations

CashManager has been developed with corporate standards in mind. Currency conversions and multiple currency transactions are no problem for CashManager, and the user's interface is multi-lingual.
Our developers have experience with documentation in various European and Asian languages. Our support and training team provides user support and training in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Russian, and Latvian.
Specific modules such as Payroll will help your company ensure fast and accurate cash management processes in every area.
CashManager ensures a unified user experience, no matter which ERP system(s) and which countries’ bank(s) you use. More and more global corporations choose CashManager as their standard for bank integration.

For governmental organizations

Governmental institutions and public-owned companies in particular compared with private businesses, tend to have significant amounts of transactions every day. This is especially true for the organizations that deal with members of the public.
All these transactions have to be processed timely and precisely, and this requirement becomes even more pressing in the increasingly transparent modern world where the citizens demand greater efficiency of public institutions.
Designed to meet global corporate standards, CashManager also proved itself as a highly efficient solution in public organizations such as the Agricultural Data Centre of the Agricultural Ministry of Latvia, where requirements for software can be even more specific and harder to meet than in the private sector.

For accounting outsource businesses

Made for accelerating the cash management processes, CashManager can become an irreplaceable tool for a company whose very core business is accounting.
By freeing your employees from doing the time-consuming and error-prone tasks, you will allow them to concentrate on other projects, therefore allowing your company to attract more customers.