The Payroll module is designed for larger organizations with a significant number of employees.

Ensures a full payment cycle of salary

Designed to seamlessly fit with a payroll module of your organization’s ERP system, the CashManager’s Payroll module ensures a full payment cycle of calculated salary, salary advances, and other payments that your employees are entitled to receive.

Calculated salary

Salary advances

Other payments

Ensures a convenient interface

In a similar way to the Accounts Payable module, the Payroll module of CashManager ensures a convenient interface for finding and selecting the payable salary, creating all other necessary payments, exporting them to your bank, and synchronizing the bank data with your ERP system.

Find and select the payable salary

Create other necessary payments

Export them to your bank

Synchronise bank data with ERP

With CashManager, the salary payment process becomes fast and easily controllable, and the error probability is virtually eliminated. No more “wrong amount went to the wrong person” errors.

Depending on your needs, the data link between your ERP and bank can be performed via API calls, SQL, import / export files, or any other technically possible way.

Our integration experts have experience in CashManager implementation around the world.

We are committed to meet any kind of specific requirements of our customers.

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