Bank Reconciliation

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Bank reconciliation can be a long and tedious task, especially when there are many incoming payments.

It’s not surprising that in many bigger companies bank reconciliation is often done by a dedicated person, and even in smaller companies this task takes up a lot of the accountant’s time.

But with CashManager, the software now does the necessary job, while a person remains in full control of the process. The employees no longer need to waste their time on the long and error-prone task. Instead, they can concentrate on more important projects. 

Multi-criterion approach

CashManager reconciles payments and invoices using a multi-criterion approach, with the criteria fully customizable to match your unique environment and your customers’ payment habits.

All associated bank charges will be correctly recognized and exported to your ERP system.

Our experts with more than 10 years experience in bank reconciliation automation are ready to help you design the best reconciliation mechanism for your specific case.

CashManager is also capable of automatically recognizing other types of transactions such as bank commission charges, interest income, point-of-sale payments, tax payments and other transactions that are often specific to a certain country or even a specific business.

Bank commission charges

Interest income

Point-of-sale payments

Tax payments

Other transactions

We have already implemented bank reconciliation in 20 countries around the world

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